SQlab 611 Active Mountain Bike


$ 169.00 


For Road & Mountain Bikes. Adjusts according to body weight!

The saddles dampened lateral tilt allows it to follow the biomechanical movement of the pelvis on each pedal stroke. This results in a decrease of pressure on the sitbones and a mobilization of the spinal discs.

The lowered saddle nose of SQlabs step saddle design, was developed by SQlabs head of R&D Dr. Stefan Staudte (Urologist & Extrembiker) to distribute the bodyweight by medical view points.


  • Range of use: Race
  • Saddle width (effec. usable): 13cm 14cm 15cm
  • Length: 302mm
  • Weight: 289g 295g 304g
  • Hardness (SQShore): 60 60 60
  • Discharge (perineal pain): 60% 70% 75%
  • Rails: TiTube Alloy
  • Cushion: K18
  • Upholstery: Marathon Foam
  • Elastomere (exchangeable): soft, medium, hard
  • Active: yes


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